M.A. – Clinical Psychology (graduated with “Excellence”), Psychology Department, Hebrew University, Jerusalem (1979).
B.A. Behavioral Sciences, Ben – Gurion University, Be`er Sheva (1976)

Further Education

  • Imago Workshop (Couple therapy) facilitated by its founders Harville Hendriks and Helen Hunt (2005).
  • Sexology, Dr. Elhanan Baron, Dr. Rivka Klein (2003)
  • S. E. – Somatic Experience, Body-Mind Therapy (2001)
  • E. M. D.R. – Eye Movement Desensitization Response. Post-Trauma Treatment  (1999)
  • Graduate of 2 year select program – “Collaboration” – Tel-Aviv Medical School, Family Medicine Department, Tel Hashomer Hospital and the Ministry of Health. Professor Binyamin Ma`oz, deceased . (1995-7)
  • Body Mind Therapy (Hypnosis) – Dr. Ernest Rossi (USA) (1992,94)
  • Advanced Hypnosis , Dr. Moris Kleinhaus, (1987 ), deceased.
  • Introductory course in Hypnosis , Nachi Alon, Clinical Psychologist (1987)


Selected to the unique program by the Ministry of Health, Joint Israel and Hadassah Hospital- directed by Professor Yoel Shanan (deceased), Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.(1979-82)

Professional Status and Affiliations

  • Medical Psychologist (Supervisor) Israel Ministry of Health (2002)
  • Recognized Hypnosis Institute, Accredited by the Israel Ministry of Health (1999)
  • Couple and Family Therapist, Israel Society for Couple and Family Treatment (1991)
  • Hypnotherapist, Israel Ministry of Health, (1991)
  • Clinical Psychologist (Supervisor) Israel Ministry of Health. (1988)
  • Former National representative on the societal Boards of Hypnosis, Medical Psychology and Balint Facilitators for Family Physicians