My Approach

Basics to My Treatment

Positive Psychology

Focusing on the strengths of my client in order to reorganize and utilize them. The Latin terms are Salutagenesis versus Pathogenesis. Seeking health and personal strengths versus focusing on pathology and dysfunction.

Bio-Psycho-Social Orientation

Relating to three basic systems of a person:

A) Body as a functioning mechanism (medically and functional),

B) Emotional world

C) Social which covers all of our relations with partner, family, and fellow workers.

This outlook is a holistic one as compared to the separate focus a medical practitioner or Dynamic Psychotherapist or even a Couple therapist may assume.

The treatment belief includes Body-Mind Interaction in all of these areas. This technique strengthens and stabilizes these systems co-functioning reaching the greater potential of one’s ability as an individual, as a partner, a parent or worker.




Trust of the therapist and his method which speeds up processes and is very direct and focused.



Expectations, realistic and common for the client and therapist.



Attitude, together forming the proper atmosphere to allow for re-adjustment.



Motivation, the desire and commitment to make the necessary adjustments.


You are invited to refer to me with questions regarding treatments