About Me

About Me

License No. 1166

How can I be of help?

Difficulties with sleep, anger, anxiety, and despair
Marital and Occupational difficulties
Coping with physical pains
Physical Ailment influencing mental health
Anxieties or Phobias, performance and test anxiety
Sexual Dysfunctions

Professional Supervision

Hypnosis (recognized institution by the Ministry of Health)
Training Workshops Body-Mind Orientation
Balint Group for Medical practioners

Treatments Provided

Short-term and symptom focused,
Long-term insight or supportive on-going therapy

In both cases:
Hypnotic and Self-Hypnosis  interventions are available where necessary

Born in Montreal, Canada
Married + 3

Activities and Interests

  • Warden representing Canadian Embassy in Israel
  • Bridge Competitor
  • Qi-Gong (part of Tai-chi) Daily practice of Medical exercises
  • Member of Health Fitness Club- frequent attendant
  • World traveler
  • Avid “Tedster”, Ted.com, Monterey California


You are invited to refer to me with questions regarding treatments